Foreign Ministry has supported more than 28 countries in the repatriation of foreigners who were in Costa Rica

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Since the beginning of the international situation caused by COVID-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has coordinated with diplomatic representations accredited in Costa Rica the repatriation to their countries of origin of more than 1,700 people who remained in national territory.

The General Directorate of Protocol, Ceremonial of State and Worship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has focused its work on speeding up the procedures for permitting overflights, entry of aircraft, entry permits for foreign tourists on connecting flights, Civil Aviation authorizations and others. entities and efforts of a humanitarian, medical and similar nature for foreigners who were unable to leave the country.

Some States sent planes to transfer their compatriots on special flights, while in other cases, they gathered people in Costa Rica who were in Central America to allow them, from San José, to return to Europe, Japan, Turkey, Russia or Israel, among other destinations.

In total, support has been provided to more than 28 different countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains permanent communication with the authorities of the National Directorate of Civil Aviation, the General Directorate for Migration and Aliens and the country’s international airports.

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