First Costa Ricans who received a vaccine against covid19 in good health. And Update on the arrival of vaccines.

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The elderly residents of Hogar PROPAM and their workers who received the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19 are in good health, reported Doña Mari Goñi, director of Hogar PROPAM.
The same condition is presented by the staff of the Specialized Center for the Care of Patients with COVID-19 (CEACO) vaccinated on December 24, informed Dr. Roberto Aguilar Tassara, director of the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE) of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS ).

Mild pain in the arm area was the most frequent effect by Ceaco officials and Hogar PROPAM workers. There are no reports of adverse events.

Vaccination continues

In the Ceaco during this Monday approximately 100 officials will be vaccinated in priority doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, patient assistants, cleaning, surveillance and drivers, who are in direct contact with covid-19 patients, explained the doctor Aguilar Tassara.
The doctor commented that they expect to vaccinate this same amount daily and once they conclude with this staff, they will continue with the rest. “We estimate that the application of the first dose will last three weeks and the second dose another three weeks.”

The director was emphatic that this center will only vaccinate health personnel. The clarification was made by the various calls they have had asking if they are vaccinating the general population there.
On the other hand, in the Carmen Montes de Oca health area, vaccination will be carried out in long-stay centers for the elderly and their staff who are in the first line of health care. This Monday, as part of the vaccination process, logistical and organizational tasks are carried out in order to apply the scheduled vaccines this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which is estimated at 220 people, informed Dr. Gonzalo Zúñiga Mendoza, medical director.

It is worth mentioning that this vaccine requires different logistics to maintain the cold chain. As explained by Dr. Otto Calvo, head of Nursing, the health area, every week he requests the amount of scheduled vaccine. “The vaccine remains stored in refrigerators at minus 70 degrees Celsius, once the doses are removed by the pharmacy team it is taken to the center where it is stored in a refrigerator where it is defrosted for three hours until it reaches 2 to 8 degrees Celsius”. Once this process is achieved, its application can begin, for which the staff uses special thermos that maintain that temperature from 2 to 8 degrees, Calvo said.

Second delivery of vaccines will arrive this week

This week the entry of more doses of the vaccine against covid-19 is scheduled, informed doctor Esteban Vega de La O, manager of Logistics AI. He clarified that “we have not had any information on delays or setbacks for Costa Rica. This week the entry of 12 trays corresponding to 11,700 doses is confirmed ”, he reiterated. Vega de La O explained that as of January there will be an estimated income of 34 trays per week for 33,150 weekly doses. For February the amounts are being confirmed.

Smooth vaccination scheduling

Dr. Leandra Abarca, coordinator of the Expanded Immunization Program of the CCSS, commented that this week the vaccination is going according to schedule and it is expected to comply with the schedule both in Ceaco and in the Carmen Montes de Oca health area.
She explained that 4,875 people will be the target of the first 9,750 vaccines that arrived in the country and that in an interval of 21 days they will receive the two doses. The vaccines that enter this week will be distributed in areas of the Greater Metropolitan Area.
She explained that as vaccines arrive in the country according to availability, the institution will distribute in different parts of the country, to health areas through the seven health regions of the CCSS.
She encompasses emphasized that the vaccine is effective and safe, so it is important that people go to get vaccinated when they are notified. People who do not have insurance, will be vaccinated according to risk group and with the presentation of requirements as appropriate (identity card, residence card, medical certificate, others), they may still approach when appropriate to the risk group in the which is included.
The galena asked people to be vigilant and respect the order of the five risk groups defined by the Ministry of Health. “It is important that they come on the date and place that the health area communicates.” She reiterated that the vaccine will not reach all health areas at the same time, which is why the collaboration of people is important in waiting for the call of the establishment to which it is assigned.
Regarding the vaccination report, Abarca indicated that a cut will be made a week on Friday, which will be communicated.


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