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[:en]The hype is real world! This 29 of June the FIA 2017 beggings. And we are all very excited about it.  From Thursday 29th and until the Sunday 9th of July. San José our capital city is going to host one of our most beloved traditions. Now fifteen years old the FIA is one of the tourism jewelrs of the country

What is the FIA?

You may ask. FIA stands for Festival Internacional de las Artes. In English International Festivals of the Arts. For a little more than a week San Jose becomes the living hearth of the arts in the region. Thousands, literally thousands of artists are going to take the streets of Chepe [San Jose] to perform their crafts. The FIA has everything. From Music, Cinema, Exhibitions, Circus, Games, Performances and much more.

Costa Ricans are in love with arts. We recognize the artistic expression as a way of expression of the spirit. And this is what the FIA is about. A gubernamental effort to make the art reachable to all the citizens and visitors. To exalt the spirit of men.

This year the venue was move a little to the West. From its most common place La Sabana. Due to a reforestation project in the park. However we have nothing to mourn. In 1.5km we are going to be able to enjoy performers from Costa Rica as well as this guest countries. México, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, Belgum, Holland, Germany and Italy. And we can not forget the main guest Argentina. So get your Tango together for this coming week 😉 .

There is going to be a total of 26 venues from open air to close venues. The main open air venues are: Parque Central, Plaza de la Cultura, Plazoleta de la Soledad Biblioteca Nacional, Parque Nacional, Parque Morazan and Antigua Aduana. In the close venues such as Melico Salazar Theater, National Theater, and Cenac. There are going to be pay performances with prices raging from 2.000 colones to 7.000 colones maximum. [$3.5 to $12]

The FIA has something for everyone. Take a walk a visit the stands. Enjoy the performances and live the art.

You can enter here to see the Program for every day.  https://www.paradiseproductscr.com/2017/06/29/agenda-fia/ or here fiacr.com



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