Story telling Festival turns 15. Alajuela Ciudad Palabra.

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Under the motto “15 years of being the Costa Rican capital of the storytelling”, the International Festival of Storytellers “Alajuela Ciudad Palabra”, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, with an offer full of stories and activities for all audiences.

The International Storytelling Party (FICU) will be held from March 5 to 14, and will feature international storytellers and international guests from Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Japan, who will take the stage and awaken images, characters, adventures and Mysteries in the minds of adults and children.

This time, the shows will be based in Alajuela, the Tomás Guardia park, the Municipal Theater of Alajuela, La Trinidad Urbanization and the Juan Santamaría Cultural Historical Museum. Outside of Alajuela, the stages will be the Solera Botica Cultural Center in San José, The Story Garden in La Garita and an itinerant headquarters in Atenas and Carillos Alto de Alajuela, as well as in Oreamuno de Cartago.

The FICU 2020 will be dedicated to Juan Madrigal, known as Juan Storytellers, director of “Alajuela Ciudad Word”, who said that “turning 15 is to reach the adolescence of a project; It is knowing that there is still a way to go. It is necessary to continue building the project through the sensitization of all Alajuela’s social actors – local government, public and private institutions – and thus, work together on an identity with solid foundations that will last over time, mainly for the well-being of our childhood ”.

Fiesta Internacional de Cuenteros

Sylvie Durán, Minister of Culture and Youth, said that “the word is a vehicle of knowledge, values ​​and bond. Together with the lullaby and the hug, the stories of those who care for us are part of what nurtures development and our enjoyment from the earliest ages. Throughout life, stories help us to appropriate and build values ​​and shared memory. With that in mind, we greet the International Festival of Storytellers ‘Alajuela Ciudad Word’ which has become a distinctive event that fuels the taste for the story and orality so typical of Alajuelenses, but that summons us all. We congratulate the managers of Alajuela Ciudad Word in this fifteen years, who have lived since its inception with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. The International Festival of Storytellers is an activity for the whole family that also allows us to enjoy Alajuela, its public space and the talent, sense of humor and poetry of many artists ”.

Within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the FICU, this year participate storytellers and storytellers who have been in previous editions of this festival of the word: From Argentina, comes the humor of the writer and narrator Liliana Cinetto; from Cuba, the sweetness and precise descriptions of Pedro Mario López; from the Canary Islands, the poetic narration of Ernesto Rodríguez Abad arrives; from continental Spain, intelligent mischief and the mystery of Paula Carballeira; In addition, the old and always valid trova of the talented Matías Tárraga. In addition, from Japan comes the mystical humor of Yoshi Hioki; while, from Colombia, with sparkling words, criticism and creativity, comes Hanna Cuenca.

What is the offer of the International Festival of Storytellers 2020?

Fiesta Internacional de Cuenteros

The FICU will begin on Thursday, March 5, at 9 am, with the traditional Storyteller: a simultaneous meeting between boys and girls from schools and more than 30 storytellers, which will meet in Tomás Guardia Park, known as Los Mangos Park . From that date, the offer of shows that includes special presentations for children will begin every morning and afternoon, as well as programming for young people and adults at night.

As in other years, this festival will renew the joy of projects that have become a tradition, such as the Story Houses, a space in which the family rooms become theaters, where the word is shared among friends, is left the cell phone aside and the gathering is encouraged.

The FICU 2020 will also feature exhibitions, information stands, workshops and many other activities. In total there will be 106 artistic shows and 13 complementary activities.

Within that offer, the Trolleys will also be resumed, a cheerful walk where the public will pause at different points, where they will listen to international guests narrate from a balcony. This activity will be on Saturday, March 14, at 7 p.m., in the La Trinidad Urbanization, and marks the end point of the FICU 2020.

The activities of the International Festival of Storytellers are free to the public; The costs have already been assumed by the sponsors. The shows in enclosed spaces, such as the Municipal Theater of Alajuela or the Juan Rafael Mora Auditorium of the Juan Santamaría Museum, have a limited capacity; Tickets are delivered to the public from two hours before each show, at the respective headquarters.

“With the FICU, as with the other activities we organize in Alajuela Ciudad Word, we seek to create spaces for the meeting, so that people can hear each other and see each other in the eye. This work has had a positive impact on our society and has made us deserve to have an official day, according to Executive Decree 42002-C on November 19 of each year is the Alajuela City Word Day. All this way began 15 years ago ”, Andrea Chacón, general producer of Alajuela Ciudad Word.

The FICU is organized by Alajuela Ciudad Word and the Regional Office of Culture of Alajuela of the Directorate of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Alajuela.

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