Faster, Better, Stronger. More Pura Vida

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Where have we been?

So thing is we went offline for two weeks. Clearly this wasn’t our wish… This was due to problems inherit from a very bad web developer.  Although we pay all our obligations and even more that what was due. His bad decisions took a very powerful toll on our website. The server we pay for. Got full with other websites with no relationship to us. Consuming resources slowing us.

This punished our site specially since been a e-commerce site naturally requires more resources than a normal blog, or website. Plus without us knowing it we were hosted in the Non-eCommerce services, cause he bought The cheapest server of course…  So in the face of havoc we were force to Improve Adapt and Overcome. We were forced to first back up our site, buy a totally new server this time the best one in the market and the manually fixed the archives, files and databases.

This took us almost two weeks perhaps a little bit more…  Plus a great deal of money. We operate via our sales only. We do not charged our producers with any kind of commission or rent for the space in our site. But let’s leave the horror stores for Halloween and focus on the positive aspects. And let’s let the lawyers deal with the spooky stuff…

But no one can’t stop the Pura Vida.

This job is simply the best job in the world. We love what we do, we love our people, we love our products and we love our country. And we love and respect our clients so no amount of bad luck or incompetence is going to stop us. Early this week our site went back online.

Here and now would like to give the biggest shout out possible to the people of Dream Host. Specially their customer service department. Without their help, heroic patience and support this very anguishing task would have been incalculably worst. We really appreciate the time you took to help us out. And for that we will be for ever grateful. Some coffee may knock at your door anytime soon. If you dear reader are looking for a hosting server for your company we recommend Dream Host eyes close… 

Thanks a lot!

If you fall rise up.

So yeah it pain us to admit but we felt a little. We went off line and we are now behind schedule with several promotions and launches. And still working hard to reactivate products both our Spanish and French versions… That will be done this week for sure. But if we fall we use the time to rise up bigger, better, faster and stronger… We have now several improvements to our site.

  • Exclusive and unlimited host only for our website.
  • Comodo SSL certificate for E-commerce
  • McCafe trusted site validation.
  • Full Cloud Flare improvements to our website.
  • Automatic backups
  • The best multilingual plug in in the market.
  • Multi Currency value. Now you can choose to either pay in US Dollars, Euros or Costa Rican Colones.

Plus coming soon.

  • Direct payments via credit card.
  • Subscription to our products.
  • And saving mechanism to purchase what you want.
  • Beautiful and unique destinations inside Costa Rica
  • Travel assistance.

We are growing fast… What once started as an idea to collaborate with a community is a strong company staring bravely into the future, What pains us the most about this experience is the days we went offline. This is not only a source of income for us and the families, artists and craftmen that work with us. It is also a compromise a mission. We do believe this is a way we have to share a bit of this amazing place we call our land with the world.




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