Farmer’s Fairs reinforce prevention measures before COVID-19

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In order to continue offering fresh, top-quality products to consumers, the Farmers’ Fairs will further strengthen mitigation and prevention measures to prevent COVID-19 infection, in coordination with the health authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cattle raising.

“Farmer fairs are ready and they are taking steps to protect the health of consumers and producers. That is why we reinforce the recommendations and we will ensure that they are complied with in all their extremes ”, declared the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Renato Alvarado Rivera, who reiterated his call for us to consume safe and quality products produced by rural and coastal families.

The guidelines established for the Farmer’s Fairs must be followed by administrators, producers and producers who come to sell, and consumers who make their purchases there.

Other measures include cleaning and disinfecting common areas, as well as shopping carts. Likewise, administrators have been instructed to expand the space between each of the stalls, so as to avoid crowds.

Additionally, a one-way tour of the fair must be established, with entry and exit signs, so that visitors enter the same place, where they will be provided with alcohol gel for their hands. In addition, portable sinks will be provided and soap and potable water for hand washing must be available to visitors and vendors.

The authorities reiterate the call for older adults to avoid leaving their homes, and therefore do not go to the fair either, and rather that a family member or well-known person collaborate with them on errands.

Nor is it recommended that those who have risk factors, regardless of their age, and if they present symptoms associated with COVID-19, approach the Farmers’ Fairs. The call to respect the cough and sneeze protocol is also reiterated, as well as avoiding touching your face without first washing your hands with soap and water.

The Farmer’s fairs will take place during extended hours, to allow space for the visitation and to avoid crowds.

“The call is to both consumers and producers to extreme hygiene measures and respect, at all times, the instructions of the Ministry of Health. We want to be emphatic, in that we must be attentive to the measures. The best way to prevent is to act responsibly, “reiterated Minister Alvarado Rivera.


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