Fanal has 11 million liters of alcohol to face a national emergency

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In the face of the emergency caused by COVID-19, the National Production Council (CNP), through the National Liquor Factory (Fanal), has a total of 11 million liters of alcohol available to supply the industry and the Costa Rican Bank. Social Security (CCSS).

This was reported by the executive president of the CNP, Rogis Bermúdez, who added that an additional volume is being negotiated with Liga de la Caña (LAICA) for the purchase of alcohol.

During the first quarter of the current year, 1,823,085 liters of alcohol have been sold to the industry. Additionally, Fanal has a reserve of nine and a half million liters to serve this sector.

Bermúdez specified that “Fanal serves 177 industrial clients that are being supplied 100%. We have established a system by appointment, to expedite delivery and avoid crowds, “he said.

Until yesterday, the volume of alcohol supply to industrial customers was 1,300,000 liters more.

Among Fanal’s institutional clients, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) required the previous year 300,000 liters. So far in 2020, 56,300 liters of alcohol have been delivered at cost price and there is a reserve of 1,500,000 liters to face the emergency situation.

“The Factory is making multiple efforts to face the reality facing the country at this time, such as the increase in personnel, the extension of production shifts to three shifts and the interruption of some liquor lines, in order to expand the alcohol production ”, added Bermúdez.

The hierarch reported that, in parallel, Fanal began the process of packaging antiseptic solution for hand hygiene in 1-liter presentations, for the commercialization of the product. Currently, a total of 2,000 daily units of antiseptic alcohol in 350 ml presentations is being sold through the platform of Correos de Costa Rica.

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