Family party in Alajuelita with at least 50 attendees already shows at least 17 positive cases of Covid.

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A family party in Alajuelita caused the contagion of at least 17 people with Covid-19. It is known that at least 50 people attended a party and it is therefore expected that cases will increase both among direct attendees and people who have had contact with them.

This was reported by the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, at the usual conference on the situation of the pandemic. According to the hierarch, one of those positives is hospitalized.

“If we do not keep the measures, if this happens simultaneously in different parts of the country and we begin to have this multiplication of cases and infections, the matter can be complicated for the entire country, so I call for us to continue with the discipline” , mentioned the minister.

Salas again asked the population to continue applying the recommendations to avoid the transmission of the virus, such as respect for social bubbles. The hierarch of Health insisted that if relatives are visited, the physical distance of 1.8 meters is maintained and protective equipment, such as masks or masks, is worn.

The minister also requested not to take minors to supermarkets and that only one person per family nucleus should attend, because said businesses have a capacity of 50%.

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