Fabio Brentes received economic recognition for the design for the construction of the Monument to the National Hero Nicolás Aguilar Murillo

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The artist Fabio Brenes Morales received financial recognition for the design for the construction of the Monument to the National Hero Nicolás Aguilar Murillo. His approach was selected from among eight proposals received in the contest held in 2019.

The economic recognition, as established in the contest rules, is equivalent to those awarded in the National Culture Awards, which are awarded annually by the Costa Rican State through the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ).

Diseño del escultor Fabio Brenes Morales que dará forma al Monumento al Héroe Nacional Nicolás Aguilar Murillo. Foto: CCHJFF

In the absence of the ceremonial act of delivery of this recognition, together with the National Culture Awards, due to the current pandemic, the commission for the installation of the monument communicates the economic recognition, whose funds correspond to the contribution of the MCJ.

The competition to design the Monument to the National Hero Nicolás Aguilar Murillo was carried out by the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica in 2019, through the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Culture and Youth, as well as the Municipality of Barva, and allowed national and resident artists, present design proposals for the creation of the monument, which will be located in the Barva park, in Heredia. Currently, the municipality is working on contracting the design for the renovation of the park.

Selected proposal. According to data from the commission, the artist presented an allegorical representation of the National Hero through a bust and the medal that was awarded to him; Furthermore, it considered design and composition variables of interest, when integrating the urban environment of Barva de Heredia. He also proposed an attractive soil treatment that refers to the waters of the Sarapiquí and San Juan rivers, which, when joined, turn white in allusion to peace.

Brenes established a comprehensive approach to the conceptual, historical and artistic elements, as well as the location of the monument, by proposing the implementation of elements in the space, in a creative, playful and diverse way.

The proposal represents the National Hero from a civil, civic and even youth perspective, thus evoking the heroic role of youth in the current context. However, the military component, very akin to the historical reality of the moment, has in this proposal spaces for didactic and training communication, through information plates, floors and a medal.

Hugo Pineda Villegas, director of the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center, coordinator of the commission for the installation of the monument, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, affirmed that “this is another important step on the path for Costa Rica and the community of Barva de Heredia will have this significant and meritorious monument in the future, which will undoubtedly be a space of memory and to honor the national hero Nicolás Aguilar Murillo ”.

“That the future monument represents the hero in his youth, a time when he was the protagonist of historical events, is a great opportunity to remind ourselves and reflect that the active, proactive and determined participation of youth is crucial for development energetic and vivacious of the peoples; with this, we hope that this young character will inspire new generations ”, added Pineda.

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