Evaluation of damage created by ETA and IOTA in Puriscal, Mora and Santa Ana.

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Given the strong indirect impact of Eta, representatives of the National Emergency Commission (CNE) visited three cantons of the Greater Metropolitan Area this Saturday to assess the effects caused by the rains in recent weeks, as a result of the indirect effect of Hurricane ETA.

These are the cantons of Mora, Puriscal and Santa Ana, which were visited by the president of the CNE, Alexander Solís, the chief of operations, Sigifredo Pérez, and technical staff of the institution.

In the morning, a meeting was held with authorities of the municipality of Mora and members of the Municipal Emergency Committee of that canton to provide support in the assessments in the neighborhoods of San Juan, Cañas and San Martín of the Quitirrisí district, as well and from the Cañas community in the Tabarcia district.

The mayor of Mora, Alfonso Jiménez, thanked the visit of the officials who he asked to assess whether the canton was included in the emergency decree, due to the effects suffered. The CNE verified the effects of poor water channeling, landslides on the road near homes, as well as events that impede access to certain communities.

In the canton, several impacts were evidenced, especially in the indigenous territory of Quitirrisí, as well as landslides that are within the 133 that the CNE permanently monitors with the help of the Municipal Emergency Committees.

Afectaciones en Puriscal

Subsequently, the canton of Puriscal was inspected, where there is serious damage to some of the main roads in the sectors of Camino 01, San Juan de Barbacoas, Los Obando, Calle Morenos and the district of Mercedes Sur.

Given the impact of the emergency, the CNE delivered a total of 270 food newspapers in the communities of San Miguel (65), Mastatal (25) and Zapatón (180).

In the canton, the CNE hired machinery for the rehabilitation of roads, as well as the cleaning of streams and landslides in places such as Barbacoas, Santiago and Mercedes Sur.

Finally, an assessment was carried out in the towns of Calle el Curio and Matinilla, located in Santa Ana, where it was also possible to verify landslides and water channeling problems, as well as landslides that affected the passage through some roads.

Afectaciones en el cantón de Santa Ana

The CNE maintains constant communication with these cantons to monitor and coordinate together with the Municipal Emergency Committees, the most urgent needs that they may present.

As part of the efforts to rehabilitate the affected roads, this morning the National Highway Council (CONAVI) reported that they are working on the reconstruction of a sewer crossing in the San Martín sector and a provisional road in Santa Rosa, in the canton of Puriscal, since RN 239 was severely damaged ETA.

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