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[:en]Another member enters our family of products. Putting a touch gold in our exquisite jewelry collection.

Etnico began almost 3 years ago during the Merdecez Benz Fashion Week in San José. Since then Carolina Orduz and Helen Núñez had been designing astonishing jewelry inspired by the roots of the American Civilizations.

Carolina Orduz & Helen Núñez

Etnico is a jewelry and designing brand that promotes the Latin American designs. Drawing inspiration from nature. From both flora and fauna as the original inhabitants of this land used to do. With each design Etnico produces a statement about the power that lies inside the Latinamerican people, the richness of our cultures and the beauty of our wild life. That extends from the indomitable Patagonia, to the wild Río Negro.


All the designs are made in Costa Rica. While the raw materials came from countries as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and of course Costa Rica. The associated factory employs housewives procuring them with an additional income for thier families. Each product is handmade and has a 24 carat bath.

With Etnico Paradise Products offers a top of the line jewelry. Inspired by nature. That remembers the art of the original craftsmen of this continent. Using -as they once did- semiprecious stones and gold for the user to glace. You can buy Etnico’s products here




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