Ox Cart parade this Sunday

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More than 200 yuntas, accompanied by music and folk dances, will parade through the streets of the capital, this Sunday 24 November. During the XXIII edition of the Entrance of Santos and Parade of Boyeros to the city of San José.

The tour will begin at 10 a.m., at the statue of León Cortés. Located on the east side of La Sabana Metropolitan Park, passing by Paseo Colón and Avenida Segunda. To conclude at the Plaza de la Democracia. During the journey, the boyeros will be accompanied by masks, maroons and folklore groups.

In the Plaza de la Democracia, the public will be received by the Fair of Rural Pride. An effort of the Institute of Rural Development (Inder) and the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ). In the same place, there will be a protocol event, with the presence of Sylvie Durán, Minister of Culture and Youth; Johnny Araya, Mayor of San José; Harys Regidor, Executive President of the Inder, as well as representatives of the Costa Rican Boyera Association.

The mayor of San José, recalled the importance of the National Parade of Boyeros, not only as the activity that opens the period of Christmas celebrations in San José. But also for its link with the highest cultural values of Costa Rican traditions. He stressed the significance of the fact that the boyeo and the typical Costa Rican cart have been declared as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. This parade, he said, vindicates the historical ties that the city of San José has with its rural origin, as a small village and with the peasant origin of the majority of its people.

During this edition of the Parade of Boyeros to the city of San José, in coordination with the Costa Rican Association Boyera. Will be paid homage to the elderly boyeros: Edgar Calvo Álvarez, from the area of Pacayas; Edgar Cambronero Chinchilla, from Puriscal, as well as Enaín Montoya Arias, from Salitral de Santa Ana.

On the route of the parade, you will be able to observe old agricultural instruments, such as the plow, the drag, the cart firewood, the cart coffee, among others.

Ada Acuña, director of the MCJ’s Center for Artistic and Cultural Production. Said that This edition of the parade pays tribute to the elderly. Who play a fundamental role in the process of preserving the various practices that make up the boyeo tradition. Each one of the honorees offers a wealth of knowledge and skills, intangible and imperceptible, rooted in memory, that contribute to the definition of the Costa Rican identity.

The XXIII edition of the Entrance of Santos and Parade of Boyeros to the city of San José, is possible through the joint work of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Municipality of San José and the Costa Rican Association Boyera. It is also supported by the National Animal Health Service, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the security forces and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

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