Escalante Pradilla Hospital activated protocols upon confirmation of the first case by COVID19

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The Escalante Pradilla hospital of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) activated its protocols, after being informed by Incense of the confirmation of the first case imported by COVID-19 in Pérez Zeledón and that this Sunday the Ministry of Health made official.

According to Dr. Carlos Argüello Castro, medical director ai, this is an official who recently traveled to the United States. The director of the medical center indicated that, in coordination with the regional level and technical support from the central level of the CCSS, we proceeded to search for the people who were in contact with this patient to make the medical evaluation.

The direct contact person is approached as a suspicious case, the first thing that is done is a clinical evaluation, if he has symptoms, the respiratory sample is taken for laboratory examination and isolation with disability is indicated, and then the lifting of contacts. The national reference center Costa Rican Institute of Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health (Incense) confirms or discards if the person has the infection.

Argüello explained that work has been underway to prepare, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the CCSS, for the care of a possible COVID-19 outbreak. We worked on the institutional guideline of minimum hospital occupancy that allowed us to allocate an exclusive area for patients with respiratory infection who require it, also on Monday they will assess an area for the differentiated care of people with respiratory symptoms.

Another decision of the medical management was to inform their headquarters and officials in general of the situation, in which they were asked for all the necessary support against COVID-19. “Health personnel are the first line of battle that Pérez Zeledón has, we have been training and reporting, but the first protection shield in this war against the new coronavirus is held by the people of Pezeteña in their hands,” said Argüello. Castro.

“We need the collaboration of people, following the recommendations of the health authorities for hand washing with soap and water, label to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, avoid direct contact when greeting, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth and apply the social distancing, staying at home as long as possible and only going out to carry out the strictly necessary tasks ”, requested the doctor.

He also called on the population with symptoms of cold or flu to refrain from visiting hospitalized patients. Similarly, the medical director asked users to make rational use of emergency services, which are designed to care for patients with an urgent condition. “People can attend the external consultations of the Ebáis and health areas in case of non-urgent ailments and thus help us to vent emergency services for people who, if required,” he said.

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