Equine antibodies made in Costa Rica can stop SARS-Cov2

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The two equine antibody formulations developed by Clodomiro Picado are capable of inhibiting SARS-CoV-2, as revealed by analyzes carried out at the level 3 laboratory of George Mason University in the United States.

The treatment was carried out by inoculating six horses with various proteins of the virus. In total, the equines were injected four times with a two-week separation between each inoculation.

Dr. Macaya explained that every time a horse is injected, more immune reaction is generated, more antibodies, “by the fourth inoculation these horses are walking factories of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.”

The next step was the application of the treatment under a biomedical research protocol approved by the Central Scientific Ethics Committee of the CCSS. Later it was registered with the National Council for Health Research (CONIS).

According to the protocol, one bottle per patient will be applied and two horse antibody formulas will be tested. It is going to be compared if there is any difference in the clinical response of the patients.

If the treatment is effective in covid-19 patients, scale production will begin at the Clodomiro Picado Institute.

For the executive president, this project is very pragmatic since to climb only requires more horses, “you do not have to build a new sophisticated factory” and commented that the scaling to 30 horses is already contemplated, “that would generate 25 thousand flasks by year”.

According to the chief, in the following weeks there will be many more covid-19 patients, we have already exceeded 40 thousand accumulated cases, of that total, more or less 6 percent will be hospitalized, “that is the universe of patients that we have to treat with these therapies ”, he asserted.

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