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[:en]On June 5th the world commemorates Environment day. This celebration dates back to 1974 when the United Nations saw the necessity to create global awareness about the environment and our interaction with it.

No other species in the history of the earth have have so much impact on the planet in such little time. There are so many fascinating fields of studies. So many wonders and mysteries around us. Every person ever born and ever to be born have its own inquiries, its fascinations, joys and fears. But nothing in this vast world of ours would have been without the almost impossible amount of causalities this small planet enjoy. Causalities that enables it to procure an ideal environment for complex life to emerge and evolve.

Cerro Azul, Guancaste, Costa Rica

The power of mankind

Since the begin of the human diaspora from South Africa in the cradle of humankind the man has shape the planet. Little by little, step by step, tool by tool. Slowly but powerfully mankind have cement its own in planet earth. Building roads, domesticating animals and growing crops. Shaping the territories creating towns, cities, countries and empires. Evolving the knowledge of itself trying to fulfill its thirst for knowledge. This human footprint however. Was never as perceivable as since the industrial revolution. When the combustion engine shown mankind that the power once reserve for the gods of mitology could be explode by men.

Since then more than 200 years of constant and relentless exploitation of the fossil fuels. Have change the environment significantly. In one hand creating abundance of resources as food, energy and safety for billions of humans. While in the other hand signifying detriment to nature. By means of pollution, desertification, erosion and reckless treatment of nature. Those are historical and scientific facts. Useful to bare in mind to known the reasons and the costs of our success.

Romeria, Cartago, Costa Rica

Now however still in the dawn of the 21st century. We can say we have a global conciseness of our impact in this planet. And as the only creatures with enough brain power to shape the world. We are equally responsible to take care of it. Fossil energy and hydrocarbons aren’t inherently bad on contrary they have prove to be extremely useful. But know we’ve got to known better and cleaner. It is because of this. Our duty to change the old ways for newer, cleaner more efficient ways. This is something that will resonate with the spirit of innovation of all our ancestors whom moved by curiosity and the desire to procure a better life created the conditions that now have us living in a reality far beyond their wildest expectations.

The joy of an impossible agreement. Paris Accord 2016

By this reckless and selfish use of fossil fuels we (as human race) have endanger hundreds upon hundreds of other species in pretty much every kingdom of life. We have extinguish species never to be seen again. We have change the climate and the temperature of the planet. Affecting with it the delicate balance this earth has somehow maintain to procure the conditions ideal for life. Which unlike us requires millions of years to adapt to a different climate.

On bright side. On April 2016 a incredible thing occurred. Practically every country in the word singed an accord to stop man made climate change. The biggest treat to life on earth. This unprecedented agreement manage to synchronize the goals almost two hundred countries. Setting aside secondary but millennial differences such as religion, frontiers and politics. The Paris Agreement while non biding had a extremely important significance in the way our global civilization choose to behave. Recognizing the earth as our home. Maybe and even in a more poetic way. As our mother. As ancient cultures had long before the combustion engine.

The agreement in a way recognizes the right of life to exist and thrive in all of its forms. The right of every creature to exist and enjoy of this planet. While the progress and well-been of mankind was never to be stop. Set progress must be achieve recognizing all the other creatures and forms of life its right to the earth. We (as a specie) have a titanic goal to stop our carbon footprint. And to do so its in our best interest.

To sing the Paris Accord was the smartest decision possible. To leave it without a shade of a doubt is the dumbest most stupid choice conceivable. So idiotic indeed that even the mare contemplation of this action as an alternative. clearly signifies an incorrigible lack of any healthy thinking capacity. And an ambition motivated not by economic prospects but by nothing more than outstanding stupidity. Disregarding the spirit of innovation and improvement that lays in every single human soul ever born in this planet.

Costa Rica Biodiversity and environment.

Costa Rica a small country in the middle of the American continent owns its success as a nation in great part to nature. Our extremely fertile soils have procure abundant food for every inhabitant before and after Cristobal Colon set foot on the Uvita Isle in Limón in 1502. Costa Rica is blessed with outstanding variety of flora and fauna. And with several climates and micro climates. That created the conditions necessary  for an amazing biodiversity to flourish. Conditions so specific that allows this 51.100 km2 of territory to have more than 5% of the entire biodiversity of the world. With more than 800 spices of birds, near to 230 spices of mammals and near 300 spices of amphibious.

Luckily for those of us blessed with the opportunity live in this land. The Costa Rican people have always been aware of the importance of environmental stability. As country 25%  of our territory is protected in the form of national parks or natural reserves. Protecting a diversity of systems as maritime areas, tropical forests, rain forests, mangles and more. This small but extremely green country has a long stand commitment with the world and climate. By keeping our forests healthy and green, full of trees. Costa Rica provides captures CO2 and creates oxygen. Helping the planet to cold down even against the exuberant consumption of fossil fuels.

Rotonda de la Bandera, San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica First Carbon Neutral country 2021.

Since 2009 after the United Nations summit on Climate Change Costa Rica set an ambitious goal and a public compromise. To become Carbon Neutral by 2021. Years before the 2016 Paris Accord a small country in the middle of the Americas chose to be an example of sustainability and harmonious convince with nature.

The goal is extremely ambitious and the process may be slow. Luckily there are some encouraging sings. As the fact that for more than 2 years in a row Costa Rica has been able to generate its complete electricity consumption by renewable energies only. This impressive milestone has merit Costa Rica the praise of several develop countries. It is important to note that the size of the population added the abundant sources of thermal, and wind energy and the copious rain that fill the damns every year. Help the country to maintain its clean energy stations able to produce enough energy to supply the electric necessities of the country.

Reventazón Damn in Limon Costa Rica. The biggest damn in Central America

This proves that if governments agree to chose sustainability as a goal. Sustainability is reachable. Some challenges are ahead. Such as the dependence of fossil fuels for transportation.  Costa Rica as a country with a high GDP in comparison with the rest of the region. Is completely in love with cars. Making commutation a daily nightmare for the inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area.That includes the four more dense populated provinces of the country. Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia and it’s capital San José.

Prices for gasoline and diesel are high. Due to Costa Rica having to buy fuel to other countries. This high cost however has not dissuade people of using their car. To migrate the combustion engine car to a hybrid or completely electric its a very difficult thing to do. It reacquires not only convincing the entire population to change their beloved vehicle. But also reacquires to face a very technical learning curve from those people that work as mechanics.

Even imagining that a magic overnight switch from combustion to electric vehicles were possible the energy that those vehicles will require has to come from somewhere. If the current number of combustion engine vehicles were to be replace by electric vehicles the clean energy matrix will simply be adumbrated. Forcing the country to burn fossil fuels again to supply for the demand.

New Bridge Alfredo Gozáles Flores, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Clear the path to follow is to develop a effective and precise public transportation matrix that enables the citizens to travel efficiently trough the country. Alleviating the traffic jams and releasing the dependence on fossil fuels. This is a challenge of it self because the costs of transforming the infrastructure not to name the monumental challenge of convince people to let the car at home. This is why the paper of the government in enforcing regulations on transportation and prudent behavior is so important. Sometimes changing a bad habit is difficult and the alternative isn’t always well received. However vision must dictated our future. And not the instant gratification of a counterproductive behavior.

Costa Rica has a goal to become the first carbon neutral Country in the world. This is a rece we are welling to lose. But it is a goal the entire world must reach. For respect of our ancestors. For the love of life. And in thankful response to our planet. Who as a mother as given us everything we ever need to live and thrive.

Teatro Nacional, San José, Costa Rica

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