End of the year brings the capacity of hospital beds closer and closer to its limit.

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La Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) monitorea intensamente la cantidad de camas UCI disponibles para la atención de pacientes covid-19 que en este momento presenta una alta ocupación.

Esta tarde el Centro de Atención de Emergencias y Desastres, el Centro de Traslados COV19 y la Gerencia Médica se reunieron en forma extraordinaria para analizar la capacidad hospitalaria de camas covid-19 en la red de prestación de servicios de salud, la cual presenta en este momento una alta ocupación, siendo la ocupación de camas críticos la que se encuentra al tope.

“The CCSS still has ICU beds for the care of covid-19 patients. This is a very dynamic process, which brings us closer and closer to maximum capacity. We are making all possible coordination efforts in national, regional and peripheral hospitals and determining where new patients can be treated ”, informed the medical manager, Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo.

The manager again reiterated the call to the population to take care of themselves by maintaining the measures of use of masks, hand washing, physical distancing and avoiding crowds. In the last three weeks, a large number of people conglomerated in public places have been observed not complying with the recommended sanitary measures, which is a breeding ground for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is the behaviors of people that make the virus spread easily and many develop the covid-19 disease and consequently a significant number will require a hospital bed.

“We have said it and we say it again. In the event that the trend of increasing demand for hospitalization services due to covid-19 continues, we will be exceeding our bed capacity and we will face the painful situation that other countries have experienced.

The CCSS has done its part. It is up to people to be responsible for taking care of their health and that of others ”, emphasized Dr. Mario Ruiz. The hierarch reiterated that “the battle against covid-19 is not won in hospitals but in homes and streets with the responsible behavior of everyone. Please take care of our families together ”.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, joined the call before the occupancy cap for critical care ICU beds. “About a third of covid-19 patients admitted to intensive care will experience kidney failure and therefore will require a critical care bed. This threshold that we are reaching today places us at risk of not being able to give them the support that these patients require.

We need to react, the health system is not infinite and we are reaching a highly dangerous situation ”.

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