Emergency Button.

What is our emergency Button?

We develop our app aiming to procure a Catalog of the best places, products and services Costa Rica has to offer. We believe that traveling should be a relaxing experience. And Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit, explore and discover. We want you to have the most fulfilling and complete experience.


 And yet we know that walking in a different country might have its challenges and certain level of uncertanty.  For that we develop a security featured exclusive in our app. So if you feel unsafe you can tap 3 times.

And we will get notify. And we will start to follow a protocol to contact with you and verify your loccattion and well being.


This is available only in our app and for register users who want this featured to be active in their profile. If you want to activate this featured you please click the button bellow and fill the form.

Some Frequently ask questions.

When and if you feel threatened, severely lost or in danger. If you feel that something is not going well tap the red icon 3 times and that will activate the GPS so we can track you.

We use Google Maps technology integrated with our app similar to that use by delivery apps and transportation apps such as Uber.

  • First  if the GPS on your phone is active we will start to track your current location and movements.
  • Second We will try to contact you as soon as possible to see if you need any assistance or the emergency has past.
  • If the first contact is not successful we will try to contact you every hour after that. After 12 hours with no success. We will notify the police and provide them with the known locations since the activation of the alarm.

For this to work you have to have:

  1. Our app installed in your phone.
  2. An account on Paradise Costa Rica
  3. Give us permission to track you in case of an emergency.
  4. The GPS function on your phone must be on.
  5. Some phones may required to have internet access.

No. Your info and your privacy are important to us. Most of the user information we received is completely anonymous. We only associated a profile to a person when you purchase someting in our store or a reservations is made.

We do not collect personal information such as location or movement without your consent.

When and if you tap the emergency button we assume you are consenting to this. Once the Emergency has past we will stop tracking your profile.


Some annonymus data might be collected trough Google Maps.

No, this service is free, we believe safety is a right and we will not charge you for that.

You only need to have our app and an account. We strongly ask you to only use this functionality in emergency situations. If we detect this is use to play or joke we might ban the functionality from your profile.

Not yet perhaps soon. We are constantly working on improvements to our app. However if you need to call the cops or need medical assistance we can call them for you and sent them to your locations. Just be sure to answer our first calls for information.


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We work and have contact with several hotel, agencies and tour operators. If you are planning a group travel or your company is looking for incentives and rewards contact us and we will pass as your inquiry to several providers. This service is completely free.