Electronic Payment in Public Transport expected for 2021

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The implementation of the Electronic Payment System for Remunerated Public Transport of Persons (SPETP) advances in the agreed roadmap and will be introduced progressively from 2021, starting in February with tests on the train and several months later on buses.

It is a highly complex project promoted by the Government of the Republic, coordinated by the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR), which links more than 800 activities of the different participating public and private entities and involves planning 18 primary tasks.

This Thursday the progress on the implementation of SPETP was presented at a press conference, in which the president of the BCCR, Rodrigo Cubero; the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Rodolfo Méndez Mata; the president of the Costa Rican Railway Institute (INCOFER), Elizabeth Briceño; and general regulator of the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP), Roberto Jiménez, as well as the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, who participates as a guest in the sessions of the Steering Committee.

According to Elizabeth Briceño, president of INCOFER, the electronic payment will begin in a first stage with a pilot plan of controlled tests with INCOFER personnel in February 2021.

“During the second semester of 2021, the offer will be extended to all the wagons of the regular train service and among the multiple benefits for users are that it provides better health conditions, less risk of spreading diseases, better safety conditions and tariff integration, ”Briceño said.

By September 2021, electronic payment would gradually come into operation in the bus service of the operating companies that sign new concession contracts.

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