El Chirripó reopens its doors.

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After eight months closed for visitors, the Chirripó National Park is ready to reopen this October 30 and already has about 4,000 reservations made through the web platform since September 28, when this purchase option was enabled.

Ronald Chan, regional director of the La Amistad Pacifico Conservation Area, explained that the announcement of the opening has been very well received by tourists and that these approximately 4 thousand people will be visiting the ASP in the high season, from October 30 and until April 30, 2021.

The tourist site kept its doors closed due to the expiration of the contract with the previous consortium that offered non-essential services and the closure of the Protected Wild Areas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During that period, the Amistad Pacífico Conservation Area (ACLAP-SINAC) worked to prepare the facilities of the Chirripó National Park, establishing and implementing the sanitary protocols, dictated by the Ministry of Health for COVID-19.

In this context, the tourist site will receive the first visitors with the optimal conditions for the enjoyment of systemic ecosystem services, complying with all sanitary measures, defining and adapting areas for social distancing, as well as disinfection and isolation sites.

Precisely, MINAE-SINAC carried out a series of improvements in the infrastructure of Base Crestones, the objective of which is to improve the visitor experience with an investment of just over ₡ 600 million that includes a wastewater treatment plant from the Base Crestones Hostel and the conditioning of areas for visitors and officials.

In this way, the facilities have improvements in the nursing area, bedrooms and warehouse, as well as the Explanada del Bicentenario, a rest area with a panoramic view of Los Crestones, Cerro Terbi and Cerro Pan de Azúcar, trails, among others.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza, indicated that the reopening of the park will allow nearby communities to recover income related to tourism in the area, while thousands of Costa Ricans will be able to return to one of the most impressive landscapes in the country.

“The coordination work between the authorities of SINAE and MINAE and the communities in the area has generated a successful symbiosis, with tangible results that show us a successful case of cooperation between the public and private sectors,” said the hierarch.

Online purchase record. Since last September 28, –the day that online reservations were opened to the public– and until the last cut made to date, there have been about 4 thousand people who have already made reservations to visit Chirripó National Park, by anyone of the 4 routes listed below:

  • Sendero San Gerardo – Crestones: (1448 reservations for 3354 people).
  • Sendero San Jerónimo – Sabana de los Leones: (155 reservations for 317 people).
  • Sendero San Jerónimo – Sabana de los Leones for a day: (24 reservations for 66 people).
  • Sendero Herradura – Cerro Urán: (78 reservations for 207 people).

The regional director of the La Amistad Pacifico Conservation Area, explained that “however, each day that passes is enabled one more day, ahead in the calendar, so that more tourists can reserve spaces,” he said while detailing that the real capacity of accommodation in the infrastructure of Base Crestones is 60 people.

“Based on the“ Specific protocol for the reopening of the ACLA-P ASPs ”, at the moment we will be working with 30 visitors, plus one-day walkers (they do not stay and some do not reach the upper part of the ASP) who enter through San Jerónimo (12 people a day) and through San Gerardo (10 people a day) ”, he said.

All visits to the San Jerónimo and Herradura sectors are implemented through the current use permits granted to the ENA Tourism Association and the Herradura de Rivas Integral Development Association respectively, and having as a mandatory condition for all visitors the requirement of Mandatory guided by guides authorized by these associations.

It is also important to note that these visits have specific income days per week. Therefore, there must be coordination of the visit with the permit holders who provide these services to the following contacts:

  • Ena Tourism Association. Email: Phones: 8374 3443 and / or 4406 4542
  • Herradura Integral Development Association. Email: and / or

Visitors are called on to carry out these tours from a responsible tourism approach, respecting social bubbles and all sanitary measures to avoid contagion by COVID-19r, in order to maintain the operation of the Park over time and continuously. Nacional Chirripó and the economic reactivation of neighboring communities.

If you wish to reserve and visit this protected wild area, enter the SINAC website through this link:

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