EDUS CCSS application offers a personal risk traffic light by COVID19

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) announced that the EDUS application for mobile phones has a new functionality: people can know the risk of contagion by COVID-19 and receive practical recommendations to act against it.

“This functionality seeks to translate the knowledge of the disease into a commitment: because it will allow the person to feel the emergency situation based on himself and on the preventive and protective actions that must face the risk,” says Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo. , medical manager of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

The result should be taken as a recommendation, that is, it is a compass of action against the changing environment we are living, but people must act with their own criteria in the protection and search for health services and understand that each one it is unique in the circumstances that the disease lives, assures the doctor.

Dr. Ruiz expresses this because people experience the disease in a different way and it is possible that there are people who only show one of the symptoms or several very slight ones. Therefore, as everyone knows himself and knows how much his level of self-care has been, he can act for himself based on what he observes and protect others with the necessary measures.

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The engineer Manuel Rodríguez, director of EDUS, points out that the new functionality introduces the element of prevention into the application and shows that, in addition to the other functions, the application is flexible and can adapt to public health needs when necessary.
The application will be transformed as the pandemic progresses in the country to adapt to the clinical and epidemiological evolution of the disease.

People who already have the app and have their data registered receive the new functionality immediately. In the main index of the application you will see a button that says “COVID-19” and, once inside the function, people choose options between an index of symptoms and conditions and receive preventive and attention recommendations.

People who do not have the active app must first fill in personal data and location data. Then they can recognize their condition in the index of symptoms and read the recommendations.

Selection symptoms include the following:

Contact with positive case of covid-19
  Breathing difficulty
  Dry cough
  Sore throat
  Nasal congestion
  Fatigue / fatigue
  Muscle pain
  Loss of smell

The result of the personal risk assessment is presented with the risk traffic light metaphor: green, yellow and red. The recommendations for green, whose risk is low, is to continue with recognized hygiene measures for the pandemic.

Recommendations for yellow, at medium risk, are social isolation and staying home with strict hygiene measures. In addition, the moment to go to the health services is notified: when the fever is greater than 38 degrees, there is a dry cough, shortness of breath and decompensation of chronic disease.

The recommendation for red, with increased risk, is to immediately go to the health services.

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