Editorial. Nicaragua becomes a biological weapon for the region. We must strengthen borders.  

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The contempt of the Nicaraguan regime for the health and well-being of its citizens, its inattention and lack of compliance with international medical news and recommendations is a criminal act by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Our Nicaraguan brothers are effectively hostages of a regime that, in addition to being oppressive, shows attitudes and genocidal potential in the manner of Mao’s communist China, Stalin’s Russia or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

The Nicaraguan dictatorship is not satisfied with not issuing the slightest order of social distancing. Openly promoted massive crowds in front of the incredibility of their own and strangers. To the point of attacking those who advocate social distancing and staying home. And as if that were not enough, it refrains from carrying out and issuing tests to its citizens and those few that it carries out report them as “indeterminate.” Demonstrated incompetence and negligence that could well be considered terrorism. And while herd immunity is a mathematical option for dealing with viruses, the Nicaraguan regime has not even bothered to define this as its strategy.

Meanwhile citizens of all ages collapse on the streets, dozens of deaths from respiratory complications are handed over in sealed coffins and any cause of death except Covid is listed on their death certificate19. As of yesterday, Costa Rica had reported and returned more than two dozen carriers who sought to enter Costa Rican territory and expose the entire population of Costa Rica to a country that has had exemplary control of the pandemic.

What can Costa Rica do?

The Costa Rican border with Nicaragua for years has been more a symbol than a fact. Millions of Nicaraguans have migrated and sought refuge in Costa Rica due to historical incompetence, repression and negligence of the Ortega-Murillo government. And Costa Rica has been patient and receptive, offering the incorporation of those Nicaraguan citizens who want to come to Costa Rica, obey the laws and be of use to society. In exchange, Costa Rica has offered its health, education and social guarantees system to our brothers in the north.

But in times of pandemic, the carefree and quasi-terrorist attitude of the neighboring government threatens the health, sovereignty, stability and well-being of each and every one of the people to whom this land has offered protection regardless of country, race, gender. , religion or orientations. Costa Rica has demonstrated exemplary management of the pandemic and we cannot allow this progress to be threatened, especially when the lives of our residents and citizens are at stake.

Costa Rica is a country of peace, our vocation for demystification will never change. We have renounced the armies and have reaped the advantages and benefits of this action. Costa Rica’s option will then be to request the assistance of another peace corps. Prevention has been the motorbike of the Costa Rican government and we must understand that if our priority and our strategy was prevention, it prevented us from crying dead by tens or hundreds. And above all not to saturate the country’s medical and health capacity.

Prevention and defense of our border is what we now need to guarantee the health, stability, economy and prosperity of the inhabitants of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica must call the UN Peacekeeping Force

Ensure that the emergency and danger situation to which Nicaragua places its immediate neighbors is monitored with strict international standards that guarantee the protection of human rights and that mediation and protection of the sovereignty of the parties.

In the future, neighboring countries and members of the SIECA wing should seek to guarantee the promotion of clear and transparent democracy as a means of electing rulers to be able to leave behind once and for all the specter of military, oppressive and criminal dictatorships.

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