East Tower of the Calderón Guardia intends to add 159 Intensive Care.

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The Tower would reach a total of up to 159 ICU beds and 134 moderately managed beds for covid.

The strategy also contemplates the tactics referring to the provision of personal protection supplies, infrastructure, information technology, medical equipment and human talent to cope with the evolution of the pandemic, which this Thursday, July 9, presents 120 hospitalized, 14 of them in intensive care.

As of June 8, the growth of 6 times the new daily admissions in the period of a week has been evidenced, going from 2 to 13 daily admissions on average, as well as the average stay in the 9-day and 17-day ICU room. .

The approved by the Board of Directors of the CCSS includes actions aimed at maintaining care for non-covid pathologies in regional and peripheral hospitals. In this way, the San Rafael de Alajuela hospital will support Mexico with patients who do not present covid disease, the Max Peralta to the Calderón Guardia and the San Vicente de Paul to the San Juan de Dios.

East Tower prepares for eventual need for covid use

The 64 new ICU beds that the Calderón Guardia would eventually add are thanks to the preparation being carried out by the CCSS to enable some floors of the new East Tower of that hospital center in advance and which is in its final stage of construction.

This work could be enabled, if necessary, as one more contingent for the management of people requiring hospitalization for covid-19.

Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of CCSS, explained that depending on the need, up to four of the seven floors of the East Tower may be used for the hospitalization of positive patients.

“These are levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 that are in the final stage of their construction and that would initially enable about 64 ICU beds in an area of ​​approximately 11,400 m2.” Macaya said.

Given the possibility of using four of the seven floors of the East Tower to approach patients with covid-19, the Fund finalizes details on infrastructure, equipment, supplies and human talent.

For this, the CCSS presidency and managers council appointed work teams that are responsible for the implementation in highly sensitive areas such as human resources, infrastructure, equipment, laboratory, telecommunications, digital file, financial, supplies and protective equipment. personal among others.

It was also approved to strengthen the emergency fund that serves to meet needs related to the pandemic and specifically the additional resources that the commissioning of the East Tower will require.

The East Tower of the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital has a total area of ​​20,708 square meters distributed in 7 floors and represents an investment of $ 82,204,097.00 (47,932 million colones).

It is delivered under the turnkey modality, that is, it includes medical equipment such as beds, cribs, incubators, x-rays, fans, vital signs equipment and others.

The medical manager highlighted the enormous work carried out by the CCSS to ensure a hospital bed to those who require it in this emergency, “the institution is one, we are united and putting our best effort among the collaborators of the different managements, starting with the highest institutional authorities ”.

Ruiz Cubillo with words of hope and faith, is convinced that the country will successfully emerge from this difficult situation, “we are on time and we must make the best of ourselves so that we win this war against covid-19”.

In his appeal to the population, he asks that “as never, we all take care of ourselves and be in solidarity, this war is won if we are united and each one does his part,” he said.

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