East tower of the Calderón Guardia hospital is ready and was delivered

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The East Tower of the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital is fully enabled, which expands the offer installed in this medical center for the benefit of the insured; as reported by authorities of the establishment.

As explained by Dr. Taciano Lemos Pires, general director of the hospital, the East Tower has a total of 162 critical and moderate care beds enabled for the specific care of patients with COVID-19, thanks to effort, teamwork and organization both hospital staff and coordination with the institutional center level and other areas of the country.

The doctor stressed that it is important to take into account that the hospital has made a great effort to implement this next-generation structure and thanked the efforts of all the support, administrative and medical services that have redoubled their efforts to attend the pandemic due to COVID-19.

In addition, he stressed the work carried out by the Human Resources Unit of the health center for its efforts to provide personnel from different areas, specialties and trades to this building. Professional nurses, nursing assistants, patient assistants, cleaning staff, surveillance, nutrition, general practitioners, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation experts, pharmacy, laboratory and administrative staff from various areas are part of the 1,323 additional officials to attend the emergency COVID.

For his part, Dr. Pedro Pereiras Álvarez, deputy director of the Calderón Guardia hospital, indicated that the hospital also treats patients with COVID-19 in other areas of the center. For example, the North Tower has 51 beds for moderate patients, the South Tower 29 beds for intensive care and 25 beds for moderate patients.

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