Download the December vehicular circulation letter.

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If you need to circulate in your vehicle at times with sanitary vehicle restrictions, do not forget that from December 1 you must renew the letter of exception, since all letters issued in the month of October expire on Monday, November 30.

According to Executive Decree 42295-MOPTS-S, the letters of exception to the sanitary vehicle restriction must be renewed every two months from the date of issue.

Remember that the letter can be presented in physical or digital form. In addition, those workers who have an institutional or business badge must show it in addition to the exception letter.

In the case of independent workers, they must carry and present a physical or digital supporting document about their work or the activity carried out that justifies their mobilization in any of the time slots that are established as restricted.

The application of the health vehicle restriction has 18 types of exceptions that allow citizens to travel for work reasons, access essential services, attend medical appointments, promote tourist activities, home services, visits to veterinarians, among others.

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