Do the virtual pilgrimage. Remember that the Basilica of Carthage remains closed on August 2.

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The First Response Institutions, as well as the Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica reiterated to the parishioners NOT to carry out the Pilgrimage this year towards the Basilica of the Virgen de los Ángeles in Cartago. This recommendation is given with the intention of contributing to the protection of life in times when the pandemic has affected the health of thousands of people and also caused the death of others, unfortunately.

This is how the Director General of the Public Force of the Ministry of Public Security, Commissioner Daniel Calderón, reiterated that they will be strict in ensuring compliance with the sanitary measures and whoever they identify may be in breach of them will be subject to the respective police report.

In addition, he pointed out that there will be a constant prevention work to approach “pilgrims” and invite them to return, where even the perimeter of the Basilica will be closed.

The Director of the Traffic Police, Germán Marín, stressed that this Police Corps will maintain strict controls of sanitary restriction in the area and surrounding routes and urged citizens to abide by the provisions of the Health authorities to stay at home and live faith in their homes.

“The pilgrimage is not among the exceptions of circulation, so we ask people not to expose themselves unnecessarily to a fine of 110 thousand colones, to the loss of their plates and six points less on their license,” said Marín.

For his part, Carlos Herrera, representative of the Red Cross, indicated that they will maintain the emergency attention service from their Auxiliary Committees, where the emergency response will be linked to the availability of resources and that they will not install care and advance posts in the routes to Cartago.

Finally, presbyter Mauricio Granados explained that “the Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica, with the aim of collaborating with the authorities of our country in the fight of all against Covid – 19, and of bringing the faithful closer to the Negrita of Los Angeles, This year it had a digital platform, so that those who so wish, can make their pilgrimage virtually, and thus take their requests and thanks to the feet of Our Lady of the Angels, this through some simple steps at the address: ”

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