“Diseño para comer” Exhibition opens at the Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres Ferrer

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Utilitarian objects, designed and designed for use in the kitchen, make up the exhibition “Diseño para Comer”, which recently opened to the public the Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres Ferrer (CCHJFF)the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

These are more than 65 objects, including aprons, squirters, picheles, cups, bowls, spoons, ladles, posters and works of art, all related to gastronomy and created by artists, designers and craftsmen.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to observe objects related to traditional and contemporary cuisine, of daily or traditional use, which highlight cultural practices from the point of view of handicrafts, art and design, CCHJFF reported.

The pieces that make up the show were elaborated by María Alba Castillo Espinoza, Jorge Gallardo, Loida Pretiz, Adriana Sánchez Fonseca, Carolina Torres García, Priscilla Aguirre, José Pablo Alvarado, Viviana Araya, Andrea Ruiz, Miguel Soto Maffioli, María José Núñez, Eugenie Murillo and Carlos Mena.

Hugo Pineda, director of the CCHJFF, said that this show allows To reflect on the forms, uses, aesthetics and meanings of everyday utensils that have memory and stories to tell us, as well as new objects and images that are part of the great world of gastronomy today. Some objects have indigenous, peasant and traditional roots; others are new design proposals, which together enrich and strengthen the material and intangible gastronomic heritage.

People have historically come together and worked around food and practices to grow, produce, process, taste, and even show it, and knowledge about some doings and knowledge related to food food, have been transferred from generation to generation and have remained for many years, as many objects for the production and processing of food, objects for use in kitchens, other decorative and even clothing, they anchor their roots in a past and are present to this day. Other objects have disappeared or have undergone profound transformations, and others are the product of innovative processes in their use, function or production, concluded Pineda.

The Design for Eating exhibition, which highlights the fun, colorful, commercial side and the memory of gastronomic culture, will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres, in San Ramon. Admission is free and open to the public.

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