Diquís celebrates 5 Five Years as World Heritage

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To Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the inscription in the lists of World Heritage. In the series “Pre Columbian Cacical settlements with stone spheres Diquís” The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud (MCJ) and the National Museum of Costa Rica (MNCR). Celebrated an act in Fican 6 in Palmar Sur, Osa. Where the Ministry of Cultura y Juventud, Sylvie Durán Salvatierra. The director of the UNESCO in San José Esther Kuisch Laroche. And the director of the National Museum of Costa Rica Rocío Fernández Salazar took part.

Five years ago, UNESCO declared of exceptional and universal value the sites of Finca 6, Batambal, Grijalba-2 and El Silencio. A very unique distinction for Costa Rica. That carries the responsabilites to investigate, conserve and protect this possessions. Duty accepted and practice for several national and international institutions. The municipality of Osa, communitary organisations and UNESCO San José

The Costa Rican goverment, through the Ministry of Cultura y Juventud and the National Museum of Costa Rica. Had assumed the responsibility to managed this sites. The preservation of the spheres has been a project that had had the participation of the international and national entities. Working of choosing the best options based of the available information and research. Hand in hand with archeologist aiming to assure the existence of this world heritage sites for the generations to come.

The minister of Cultura y Juventud said: ” it is our compromise. To keep helping on this process. This will be a continuous and a non stop effort. This will also help the community to develop projects of entrepreneurship and cultural development around this areas”

Esther Kuisch Laroche, director of UNESCO San José. said that “With the declaratory. Costa Rica has compromised itself to preserve. Not only the world heritage sites. But also to protect its entire patrimony. The convention invites the member states, to protect its natural and cultural patrimony. Inside programs of regional planification. Creating jobs to and to teach the locals of how to carry investigations, and preservation efforts. With the goal of making the sites part of the regular life of the individuals in the communities. It also invites the member States to foment the interece of the public in the areas. And making didactic programs to teach the general public about the value of the sites.

During the celebration a new building was inaugurated in Finca 6 and 2 exhibitions: “Diquís a singular región” About the universal value of the sites. And “Rostros de Madera” a photographic exhibitions of Rodrígo Rubí about the traditional Boruca masks were also inaugurated.

The project had a cost of 373.3 millions of Colones. Given by the Justan de Desarrollo Regional de la Zona Sur (Judesur). Through the Grupo acción Territorial (GAT SUR). In addition to the building at Finca 6. There is a coffe shop, a parking lot and trails to explore.

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