Destination Paradise: Villa Celeste Katira where the sky became a river.

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Today it is a pleasure for us to tell you about a destination that is undoubtedly part of our favourite accommodations and trips, which has become mandatory at least once a year for several members of the Paradise Costa Rica family.


Villa Celeste Katira is a family tourism venture started by Mr. Martin and Mrs. Sara, a married couple who arrived more than 30 years ago to Guatuso, Alajuela with 2 young children, looking for a place to build their house and raise their family.

At that time the plan, according to Martin, was to work the land and harvest whatever the fertile northern lands were good enough to produce.

As the years went by, they ventured into various types of crops and activities such as pineapple, tubers and livestock.

Tourism, says Don Martín: “at that time, tourism barely reached Fortuna de San Carlos”.

But no matter what, they were there to work the land…. Until 2010 when the Arenal Volcano decided to shut down. Those impressive night-time spectacles of the volcano spitting fire gave way to more serene, darker nights, without the reds of the igneous rocks streaking across the sky, or rolling down the slopes of the giant of La Fortuna.

The blackout of the Arenal Volcano was at the same time the spark that ignited the attention of tourism for the Katira Neighbourhood and the Tenorio Volcano. Thus, the border cantons of Guatuso and Upala began to see new faces, amazed faces, faces in search of beauty, action, adventure, relaxation and connection with nature.

New faces appeared in search of peace, scenic beauty and nature. Tourists, national and foreign, approached the property of don Martín and doña Sara, asking for permission to bathe in the waters of that celestial river straight out of a fairy tale.

And although they were few at first, the flow began to become steady. Last year’s faces were eagerly returning the following year with more people in search of that fantastic place they had heard so much about.

The frequency of visits and the requests for a place to stay made Doña Sara and Don Martín finally decide to dedicate themselves to tourism. They built cabins, of which there are now 6, a battery of toilets and showers and a restaurant with capacity for more than 40 people.

About Villa Celeste

Villa Celeste is a jewel adorned by another jewel. The stunning Rio Celeste runs through the property, a placid river of fresh water that flows down from the Tenorio Volcano National Park and is dyed the same colour as the sky.

Villa Celeste stands as a refuge for the indigenous flora and fauna of a region that is mainly agricultural. It is thus a faithful and living example of how a rural and ecological tourism model can restore wild greenery to landscapes that have been deforested to make way for extensive agriculture.

Thousands of species of flora and fauna find in Villa Celeste a clean and fertile soil free of agrochemicals in which to thrive.

What can you do?

With a scenic beauty that is already eye-pleasing in itself. A bucolic environment ideal for detoxifying the city stress of ringing phones and incessant and invasive social networks.

This Paradise Destination offers Security, Privacy and Tranquillity. In addition to a range of activities in the surrounding area…

…The 6 cabins offer intimacy in an accessible budget for everyone. A comfortable space to reconnect with the family in a real atmosphere of harmony, serenity and just the singing of a quiet river serenading the nights.

For the more energetic, those in search of thrills and experiences. Villa Celeste offers a hostel and a camping area. A place to store your belongings and spend the night. While the day is made the most of.

Inside Villa Celeste the hosts offer a trail of more than 1 km in length. An ideal hike to clear your head and become one with the surrounding greenery, while appreciating the variety of bird, reptile, amphibian and mammal species. The Villa Celeste trail is pure Costa Rican forest and as such an appropriate prelude to the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Your eyes should be on the trees at all times, especially during the almond blossom season, when their canopies set the horizon ablaze with yellow. Calling macaws, macaws and toucans to taste their favourite seeds. Also keep an eye out for howler monkeys that travel in packs in search of fruit and watch visitors in amusement.

For morning birds there is nothing better than going out in the early hours of the morning to discover colours in impossible birds. Armies of Sargents, Hummingbirds, Toucans, Lapwings, Woodpeckers and several dozen other colourful birds, swoop at very low altitude looking for the traditional fresh fruit, sometimes from the tree, sometimes conveniently placed in feeders where visitors can delight in their colours and songs.

Follow our next Paradise Experience post: How to make the most of your stay at Villa Celeste?

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