Destin from Smarter Every Day shares what has been learned in Costa Rica about Sea Turtles.

Destin Smarter Evervy Day Costa Rica
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Destin Sandlin is a scientific communicator on the YouTube channel Smarter Everyday has just published a beautiful video sharing with her nearly 9 million subscribers the wonderful secrets learned about sea turtles, one of their loves and passions in addition to laminar fluid, lawn mowers and slow motion videos.

In the video Destin explains her experiences in Costa Rica learning Spanish with her family and taking advantage of the time learning and rescuing newborn turtles. Moving on to interview Dr. Christine Figgener who recorded one of the most watched videos about turtles on the planet. Where a straw is taken from a turtle from its nostril.

Back in the United States, Destin shows her journey to collect a turtle that had been lacerated by a fishing hook and would go on to be adopted by the Cook Meseum of Natural Cience. Destin participates in the transportation and care of Kale the Turtle to his new home in the museum.

Destin’s videos are wonderful, to sit and watch and learn as this engineer shares his adventures, solving, learning and calculating how to solve daily problems and phenomena from a scientific perspective. We leave below the Destin video about Sea Turtles.

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