Demonstrations continue 6 officers have been reported injured.

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At least 6 officers of the Public Force were attacked by protesters last night in the northern part of the country during a police intervention to clear a route of great importance for economic activity in that region.

This was announced by the director of the Public Force, Daniel Calderón, after also reporting the damage to several vehicles of the Ministry of Public Security.

In addition, the Executive President of the National Production Council (CNP) has received reports from the regional directorates about the serious effects on getting food to the institutions we serve: hospitals, Public Force, Ministry of Justice, school canteens, CEN Cinai, among other; This is because the locks prevent deliveries from being made. In addition, in the afternoon the CNP reported that there are reports of decomposition of products in the vehicle fleets

The blockades on national roads have produced losses of $ 37,507,159 in the agricultural sector, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock based on reports from those affected.

The most affected are the producers of bananas ($ 28,930,760), pineapple ($ 7,500,000), roots and tubers ($ 350,000). The impact for milk producers reaches $ 726, 399.42, an amount that includes production trapped in the blockages and that which could not leave the farms. If the blockades continue, the loss estimate is more than 1,545 million colones per week, only in the dairy sector.

In addition, for cassava producers, 100 trapped trucks are reported, for a loss of $ 1,500,000; for those of pumpkin, 10 trucks are reported, for a loss of $ 100,000; while 30 containers are reported for chayote, for a loss of $ 450,000.

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