Demonstrations and blockades persist accusing the government of corruption and mismanagement.

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At least 50 points are reported with blockages, since the morning of this Tuesday, October 6. New groups and sectors have joined the demonstrations, marches and criticisms against the poor economic decisions of the current administration that culminated in a draconian tax proposal to finance a loan with the IMF.

On Sunday Carlos Alvarado called for multisectoral dialogue, however it is known that at least the solidarity movement decided not to appear at the meeting because it is bilateral and not multilateral as the government has been required to do.

In addition, unions, student and university movements have come together to expose their absolute refusal to new taxes and demand the resignation of the economic team of the PAC government, who is accused of being responsible for illogical, hasty and irresponsible proposals.

Meanwhile citizens without political affiliation or sectoral membership criticize the very high taxes and high spending and public waste that they say condemn thousands of families to poverty. One of the major criticisms being the lack of proposals for economic reactivation and reduction of unemployment.

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