Shipment World Wide with DHL

Our company was born to bring Costa Rica our products and services closer to the world. That was our original idea and we delivered. Now we can offer excellence and professionalism beyond our limitations. Having DHL as our Logisitic Partner.

That is right Paradise Products Costa Rica and DHL Express have joint forces. To bring the best of Costa Rica to your door (literally). Where ever you are. Now we are capable to send express orders all around the world.

Futhermore. We have managed to calculate the cost of the shipment by order and not by product. This means that now our clients could purchase as many products as the like paying only one shipment based on the total and combine weight or dimensions.

We have also added an identifier for those products that can be shipped immediately. You can find this products by looking for the Airplane in the top left corners of the images. And also by looking at the “Ready to ship” option in the description of the product.

Now expect time of transit for the shipments according to DHL

Country/Zone Duration
Costa Rica 24 Hours (Free shipping)
America Central 24 Hours
Miami 24 Hours
USA 24-48 Hours
Canada 24-48 Hours
Francia 48 Hours
UE 48-72 Hours
Japan 96 Hours
Korea 96 Hours
China 96 Hours
Asia Pacific 96 Hours
Africa/Oceania 120 Hours





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