Defined the companies that bid for the Limón Cruise Terminal and Marina

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The Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Slope (JAPDEVA) approved the selection of the three finalist companies to carry out the pre and feasibility studies of the new Cruise Terminal and Limón Marina.

These are the groups Moffat & Nichol, Bermello AJAMIL / Partners / AUSENCO, and Arcadis & Camacho y Mora, whose technical offers obtained the highest scores among the nine international companies and consortia that had passed to the second stage of the process.

This news, of great interest to the people of Limón, was announced by the executive president of JAPDEVA, Andrea Centeno, at the Governing Council held in Limón this Monday, August 31.

Centeno explained that it will now be up to the Planning Ministry’s Pre-investment Fund (MIDEPLAN) to give the endorsement to JAPDEVA to start the stage of opening economic offers.

“The JAPDEVA Board of Directors approved the technical evaluation of the Second Phase. Of the initial fourteen bidders in January 2020, they had been pre-selected in June to nine and now the number has already been reduced to three. Once we receive the endorsement of MIDEPLAN, the first economic offer will be opened. We expect this to happen in two weeks and start with the first negotiation with the company with the highest score, ”Centeno added.

The financing for this contract comes from the Mideplan Preinvestment Fund, approved in May 2019. These are non-reimbursable resources for an amount of ₡ 1,023 million.

Both President Carlos Alvarado and Vice President Marvin Rodríguez recognized the work carried out by the JAPDEVA administration, led by Centeno, which has allowed progress in this strategic project for the province of Limón, which will allow the transformation of the Hernán Garrón Salazar Terminal into a port that promote national and regional tourism and generate employment by attracting cruise ships and recreational and sports vessels.

For his part, the president of the Costa Rican Association of Industries and Cruises, Wagner Loría, “thanked JAPDEVA for making comprehensive progress in the infrastructure modernization agenda in the midst of the pandemic. It will unquestionably be strategic to have in the Caribbean a modern and functional port and marina designed for the passenger market that Costa Rica demands for both large and expedition cruises and for maritime tourism in general, “he said.

“The Limón Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (CCITUL) congratulates Japdeva for the progress in the process of selecting the company that will carry out the pre-feasibility and feasibility study of the new Cruise Terminal and Marina in Limón. We celebrate this important step in the right direction to turn Limón into a Home Port, which will strengthen the Huetar Caribe Region as a world-class tourism development pole, supported by our natural beauties, multiculturalism, multiethnicity, gastronomy, music and our country image ”, stated Roy Acon Toy, President of CCITUL.

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