December is a party hard month!

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The month of December has a special place in every tico’s hearth. And there are several reason for this. And now we will proceed to explain some of those for you to also be able to enjoy the month.


The best weather.

With the arrival of December also the summer arrives. Our exuberant nature needs a lot of water (rain) to preserve its green. Been in the tropical zone Costa Rica only has two seasons. Dry season and wet season, Of the wet season September and October are the months with the most precipitations. November meanwhile, is a mixture of wet and dry days. Some are extremely wet and stormy. While others start to appear as summer. But December get its act together and produce beautiful blue skies, sunny mornings and the most amazing and beautiful sunsets imaginable.


Why do we have so many happy memories related to this month?

Well one of the reasons is that it is vacation time for the schools and high schools. That means long afternoons of playing soccer till exhaustion. Trips to the beach and family reunions. A break in the rainy season means means we can travel. play enjoy and discover and so do you.

The holidays.

Of course December means Christmas and New Years eve. And a place that coin the phrase “Pura Vida” knows how to party. December for us ticos is the perfect mixture of traditions and wild party. While the days are an invitation to go outside and explore. The kitchen also calls to those unspoken heroes (often Grandmas). The delight us with a collection of the most amazing gastronomy.  Featuring among them the amazing: Tamales.

Perhaps sharing the throne of the Most Costa Rica food ever  with the Gallo Pinto and Los Casados. There is an extra official competition of who made the best tamales, country wide. Tamales are magical. Cause they are basically seam to appear  out off tin air. Every time you open the refrigerator door a new set of tamales will great you. The reason: Families exchange their tamales as a gift to share the food and to carry the unspoken competition. To see who made it better.


The parties. Zapote.

If you ever have travel around Costa Rica you know that we love turnos. Turnos are small county fairs. That every town has to celebrate its saint Patron or commemorate it foundation. In Costa Rica we have 2 mega Turnos one in during December and the other one in January. The first one to say goodbye to the old year and the second one to start the new one parting hard.

Las fiestas de Zapote. Are well known for the display of music, party, carousels and rodeos. Following the tradition of the Spaniards. Las Corridas de toros in Costa Rica do not aim to arm the bull. Nor is usual to have a bullfighter to face alone the bull. Instead hundreds of “Toreros improvisados” rush the arena to taunt and run a way for the bulls.

This brave and perhaps a bit crazy men a women procure a mix of joy, terror and belief to the spectators. As they evade the bull or in less fortunate scenarios. As they are lifted off the ground by the powerful animal. While bruises and scare faces are usual. It is rare to see a serious injury. Although they happen from time to time.

If you are planning to Visit Costa Rica during this month place enjoy safety. And be one of us.


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