[:en]D’Cabra Manjar is with us![:]

[:en]A new product enters our family. D’Cabra Manjar. Is made by Francisco and Cindy a couple from the beautiful region of Río Cuarto in Grecia Costa Rica. What once started as a hobby and a wish to have a small farm develop into a full time business for the couple.

A little bit more than a year ago Cindy a veterinarian. D-ecided to create a Manjar. With the milk of her goats. She gave the product to several friends and neighborhoods who immediately demanded more. Very soon the rumors of a delicious Dulce de Leche made with goat milk instead of the regular cow milk extended. And without noticing it. Both Francisco and Cindy ended up dedicating all of their time to the production of the Manjar.

Their products are 100% Natural. No artificial, flavors, conservators or chemicals are added. The product is made in their farm. Their animals wander free in the property and feed with no artificial nor treated food. Cindy as a veterinarian focus a lot of her time making sure all of her animals (not only the goats) are healthy and happy.

You can buy their products. Here Original for the traditional taste no species added. And Here Cinnamon for the Cinnamon version of the product.

Cyndy and Francisco from D’Cabra Manjar


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