Critical Care Tower architecture of Children’s Hospital is ready.

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Authorities of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) announced this Wednesday, September 9, the master plan and the architectural concept design of what will be the new Critical Care Tower of the National Children’s Hospital, known as the “Torre of Hope ”.

Under strict sanitary measures, the activity took place at the National Children’s Hospital with the participation -among others- of the executive president of the CCCS, Román Macaya; the general director of the medical center, Olga Arguedas; the director of the Board of Directors of the Association for the National Children’s Hospital, Jaime Cortés; and of the First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, whose office has been promoting the project since August 2018.

As Macaya explained, the intention is to erect a building whose architectural concept is based on three principles: that it be a family-friendly tower, that expresses the solidarity of the healthy child that helps the sick child and that represents the host arms of the institution towards childhood.

“We want the new Critical Care Tower to be more than a space for healing; We want it to have a concept that communicates inclusion, welcomes boys and girls and their families and provides them with protection without distinction of race, social or economic conditions ”, she commented.

The engineer Jorge Granados Soto, manager of Infrastructure and Technology of the CCSS, reported that the new building will be located in the vicinity of the National Children’s Hospital on a land of 8,770 m2, located on the west side of the current facilities.

It has a strategic location, as it is linked to various existing hospitals around it, such as the San Juan de Dios Hospital, the National Geriatrics and Gerontology Hospital and the current facilities of the pediatric hospital.

Initially, the new Critical Care Tower is projected to have 11 floors above the sidewalk and three basements, which can be adjusted once the preliminary project begins. In addition, the construction of a heliport is contemplated, which will facilitate the transfer of patients in serious condition.

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