Covid19 Hospital CEACO, will return to attend Rehabilitation patients after vacating beds.

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After being the first hospital center in which the vaccination against covid-19 began, and having today most of its staff with the two doses, the medical direction of the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE) together with the Authorities of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) are planning the gradual return of some services to self-care for patients at this center.

“Now with the practically complete vaccination of the officials, we can and are working on the reopening of rehabilitation services within the facilities so that it coexists with the CEACO and thus be able to continue dealing with the two major tasks that we have: the care of the pandemic by the national emergency and the care of people with disabilities in their rehabilitation processes ”affirms Dr. Roberto Aguilar Tassara, medical director of CENARE-CEACO.

For Dr. Aguilar Tassara the vaccine came to give security to the personnel of this health facility where the viral load is very high due to the care entrusted, this without neglecting the already known protection measures.

“Obviously it gives an added security to the officials who have really risked their lives and those who love the most to attend this pandemic, thank God they were the first to receive the vaccine, to be able to give them that calm and security of being able to reach the home and feel that they cannot make their wives, children and parents sick ”adds the medical director.

The few personnel that have not yet completed the vaccination schedule is because they were on vacation when the process began or they contracted the disease and according to the guidelines, they must wait 90 days before receiving the first dose of the vaccine.


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