Covid status Sept 30 +7,138 recovered. Recovered exceed assets for the second time

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Product of the information update work carried out at the local levels of the Ministry of Health, for today 7,138 new people recovered from COVID-19 are registered, of which about 4,000 correspond to the Central-South region and the rest are distributed to the throughout the country.

In this way, a total of 37,841 recovered is reached, of which 17,959 women and 19,882 men, by age we have: 32,229 adults, 2,113 older adults, 3,410 minors and 89 are under investigation

For today, September 30, 1,156 new cases of COVID-19 are registered, of which 254 are by epidemiological link and 902 by laboratory, for a total of 75,760 confirmed cases, with an age range of zero to 100 years. There are 36,139 women and 39,621 men, of which 61,938 are Costa Rican and 13,822 are foreigners.

By age we have: 64,338 adults, 5,065 older adults and 6,242 minors, 115 are under investigation.

574 people are hospitalized, 222 of them in intensive care with an age range of one to 93 years.

24 regrettable deaths are reported: 19 men, and five women, with an age range of 44 to 100 years.

In total there are 904 deaths related to COVID-19: 346 women and 558 men, with an age range of 19 to 100 years. By age there are 290 adults and 614 older adults.

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