Covid status. June 3 +52 Positive cases. New daily record, cases are concentrated in the northern area.

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As of June 3, 52 new cases of COVID-19 are registered, for a total of 1,157 confirmed cases, with an age range of five days to 89 years. There are 542 women and 615 men, of whom 913 are Costa Rican and 244 foreigners.

Positive cases are recorded in 73 cantons. Guatuso joining the list of cantons with positive cases for COVID-19. By age we have: 989 adults, 60 seniors and 108 minors.

685 people recovered in 65 cantons are registered. Adding to the list of cantons with recovered cases the canton of Guácimo. The recovered cases have an age range of one to 86 years, of which 329 are women and 356 are men, by age we have: 617 adults, 32 older adults and 36 minors.

There are 10 regrettable deaths, one woman and nine men with an age range of 45 to 87 years. 21 people are hospitalized, five of them are in intensive care with an age range of zero to 72 years.

At this time 19,037 people have been discarded and a total of 27,882 samples have been processed.

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