Covid Status August 27 +958 Cases, +11 deaths, 395 hospitalized.

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As of August 27, the country registers 985 new cases of COVID-19, of which 212 are by epidemiological link and 773 by laboratory, for a total of 37,292 confirmed cases, with an age range of zero to 100 years.

They are 17,383 women and 19,909 men, of whom 28,403 are Costa Rican and 8,889 are foreigners. By age we have: 31,408 adults, 2,357 older adults and 3,359 minors, 168 are under investigation.

14,471 people recovered in 81 cantons were counted. The recovered cases have an age range from zero to 99 years, of which 6,606 are women and 7,865 are men, by age we have: 12,015 adults, 778 older adults, 1,608 minors and 70 are under investigation. 395 people They are hospitalized, 132 of them in intensive care with an age range of 13 to 85 years.

For today 11 unfortunate deaths are reported: seven men, and four women, with an age range of 57 to 86 years.

In total, 397 deaths related to COVID-19 are counted: 153 women and 244 men, with an age range of 21 to 100 years. By age they are 137 adults and 260 older adults.

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