Covid patients celebrate CEACO’s food.

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The care and treatment offered at the Specialized Patient Care Center COVID-19 (CEACO) is excellent, but the food is spectacular, says Christopher Zamora Flores, a patient who was hospitalized in this health center for 14 days for having covid .

The person in charge of the flavor and spoon of CEACO is the nutritionist Sandra Redondo Álvarez, head of Nutrition at that hospital. The 57-year-old official, and with three decades of working at the Fund, says that she runs all day to ensure the six meal times of the almost 600 people who eat daily in the establishment, between patients and officials.

“We prepare six feeding times for patients. We promote a varied and natural diet, but above all we put a high dose of love into each preparation, yes, love is the star ingredient in the food we offer, ”explained Dr. Redondo.

The work team of the Nutrition service is made up of 35 officials including nutritionists, cooks, assistants, winemakers and the secretary. Together they prepare 3 700 different dishes per week between breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack.

“I from CEACO have many good things to say, all that can come out of my mouth is gratitude, but definitely CEACO food tastes of glory,” said Cristopher Zamora who checked the hospital’s good spoon for two weeks.

For Dr. Roberto Aguilar Tassara, CEO of CENARE-CEACO, this establishment is characterized by giving excellent service, careful attention and words of encouragement that are the great added value.

“The food offered to patients is of a very high standard, and in that sense I have to acknowledge the valuable work of the head of the service, Dr. Sandra Redondo Alvarez, who has been with us at Cenare for 20 years,” he explained. Dr. Aguilar.

“For us as a CENARE-CEACO team, it is very satisfactory to provide adequate nutritional intervention to patients. We prepare and distribute the food following extremely high levels of quality to ensure safe food, “said Dr. Redondo.

Nutrition experts say that the diet of sick patients has a very positive influence on the recovery of convalescent patients.

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