Covid Case Balance 19. 3 Recovered, 2786 Discarded, 263 Positive.

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The Health Minister, Daniel Salas, took advantage of the conference to greatly appreciate the various offers that have come from the private sector to join the fight and indicated that, in order to be channeled in the best way, all offers of collaboration in logistics and health issues should be sent to:

To date, 263 are positive cases for COVID-19 as of today, with an age range between 2 to 87 years. There are 121 women and 142 men, of whom 241 are Costa Rican and 20 foreigners, while in 2 cases data on nationality are still collected.

Positive cases are located in 48 cantons of the seven provinces. By age there are: 233 adults, 22 older adults and 8 minors.

2,786 people have been discarded, and the excellent news is that three recovered people are already counted. 7 people are in process to certify such recovery.

There are two regrettable deaths. Nine people are hospitalized, five of them in intensive care aged 36 to 66.

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