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The Fire Department and the Public Force joined this Tuesday the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

The public forces began with the vaccination in the Goicoechea delegation. Police officers Paul Morales Solano, with 21 years of service, and Jonathan Gamboa Gómez, with 9 years of service, stationed in the Goicoechea delegation, were the first two of the 14,000 members of the police force to be vaccinated at the Ministry of Public Security.

“It is an honour. We are grateful for the coordination with the Fund by the Public Force, thank them for taking us into account to be the first delegation to be vaccinated,” said Officer Morales.

For its part, the Costa Rican Fire Department began the process with more than 110 firefighters at the Metropolitan South Station.

It is important to emphasize that the vaccination is gradual and will depend on the arrival of the doses to the rest of the Health Areas and from there they will coordinate with the heads of the different police and fire services.

Health workers. According to data from the CCSS, of the total number of people vaccinated from 24 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, 1674 are CCSS staff who are on the front line of care for COVID-19 patients, 98 are long-term care workers and 42 are private sector health workers and other first responders.

National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care. Next week the Commission will start vaccinating all its officials, who are working on the front line against COVID-19 at the national level.

As of January 3, a total of 1814 people in the frontline of pandemic care began the new year with the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Expanded Programme of Immunizations of the Epidemiological Surveillance Sub-area of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

These frontline personnel are in the first group to be vaccinated: workers from the CCSS, the Ministry of Health, personnel working in private hospitals, the CNE, the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross and the police forces of: security, transit, migration, prisons, municipal and OIJ; that is why the vaccination has already begun in officers of the Public Force.

Once the vaccination of the first group has been fully completed, the second group will be moved on and so on.

The second group is made up of people aged 58 or over, regardless of whether they have any risk factors. This age verification will be carried out by means of the national or residence card.


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