Covid-19 status. April 1st. Increase positive cases by 28. Total 375

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On the COVID-19 data as of April 1, the Minister reported that there are 375 positive people for COVID-19, with an age range between one year and 87 years. There are 181 women and 194 men, of whom 346 are Costa Rican and 29 are foreigners.

Positive cases are registered in 53 cantons of the seven provinces. By age there are: 337 adults, 24 older adults and 14 minors. 3843 people have been discarded, four people are recorded as recovered and two unfortunate deaths are recorded.

15 positive people for COVID-19 are hospitalized, 9 of them in intensive care, the latter aged between 36 and 69 years

About the Case of a potential unattended patient in Desamparados

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas reaffirmed today that the actions of all the entities that intervened or should intervene in the care of the patient with the initials AMQ are being investigated. The investigation includes the Ministry of Health, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, 1322, the Red Cross and the private laboratory.

“The investigation of the case will advance, respecting the process we will not refer to it until the investigation is concluded. But what I do want to emphasize is that this research, necessary and urgent to analyze possible weaknesses in the process and opportunities for better, does not detract from the hard work and dedication of all our health personnel for emergency care, “said the hierarch of health.

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