Covid-19 status. April 14 6 New infected, to stay a little longer at home.

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For this Tuesday, April 14, 618 cases confirmed by COVID-19 are registered, with an age range of one to 87 years. There are 298 women and 320 men, of whom 575 are Costa Rican and 43 foreigners.

Positive cases are registered in 59 cantons of the seven provinces. By age we have: 562 adults, 31 older adults and 25 minors.

At this time, 6326 people have been discarded, 66 people are registered as recovered and three regrettable deaths are recorded, two 87-year-old men and one 45-year-old man.

19 people are hospitalized, 13 of them are in intensive care with an age range of 35 to 85 years.

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