Covid-19 status: 15 hospitalized patients. 9 in Intensive Care. Total 295

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As of March 28, there were 295 positive cases for COVID-19, with an age range between one year and 87 years. It deals with 138 women and 157 men, of whom 272 are Costa Rican and 21 foreigners, two cases remain under investigation.

Register positive cases in 50 cantons of the seven provinces. By age there are: 263 adults, 22 older adults and 10 minors.

2912 people have been discarded, 3 people have been discharged, and they count two unfortunate deaths.

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas and the Executive President of the CCSS, Román Macaya announced today at a press conference the unfortunate news of the increase in the number of hospitalized patients: 15 people, of whom 6 are in intensive care, with ranges aged between 36 and 66 years.

“With pain and concern, we reached 15 hospitalized people, 6 in intensive care. This is not a game. We will bear the responsibility of the deaths in the face of this emergency, as a result of our foolish attitudes. Yesterday’s movement in the streets reflects that a large sector of the population seems to have not the remotest idea of the terrible consequences of their actions. Let us not allow more deaths due to a lack of solidarity and understanding, “said Minister Salas.

Along these lines, and in order to intensify the measures and promote isolation, the Ministry of Health instructed the closure of all establishments that have a sanitary permit operating from today at 8p.m., and for the weekend, leaving food and medicine shipments as an exception.

Likewise, at the beginning of next week, the Executive Power will present two bills to reform the General Health Law and the Traffic Law, in order to instigate fines for noncompliance with sanitary orders and economic sanctions for incuming vehicle restrictions. in national emergency situations.

The proposals for the law, jointly prepared by Deputies Enrique Sánchez and Carolina Hidalgo, are divided between yesterday and today with the heads of the fraction for the purposes of receiving observations.

From this form the violators of the vehicle restriction in a state of national emergency, six points will be reduced and a fine of ₡ 107,768.32 will be imposed. In addition, it will establish a fine of a base salary (₡ 450,200) for non-compliance with orders or special or general measures issued by the Ministry of Health.

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