Cot de Cartago will open an athletics track

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The province of Cartago will receive a total of ₡ 1,279 in sports infrastructure from the government of the Republic, included within the 2020-2022 Action Plan of the National Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity Policy 2020-2030 presented the previous Saturday .

The announcement was made by the Minister of Sports, Hernán Solano Venegas, within the framework of the Governing Council that will take place next Monday in the city of Cartago, as part of the celebrations for the 199th anniversary of Costa Rica’s independence.

The hierarch explained that the works are being developed in the cantons of Oreamuno, Alvarado, Paraíso and Turrialba with resources from the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER) and the Rural Development Institute (INDER), promoted with the support of development associations , local governments and sports committees.

They include the construction of the Bicentennial Height Sports and Recreation Complex in Cot de Oreamuno, where the country’s first athletic track will be built at 1,810 meters above sea level. Also, the construction and improvements in gyms and swimming pools, the lighting in the Rafael Ángel Camacho Stadium in Turrialba and the creation of three Biosaludables Parks.

The hierarch said that the promotion of the construction and improvement of sports and recreational infrastructure, hand in hand with the communities, aims to provide adequate conditions for both athletes and the general population. “We have understood that sports, recreation and physical exercise are essential for a better quality of life and natural defense against diseases and the urgent need to close gaps,” said the hierarch.

Precisely, in the presentation last Saturday of the National Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity Policy 2020-2030, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, made reference to the aggressive plan for the development of sports spaces and infrastructures throughout the country promoted by the Sports Minister with cantonal sports committees, federations and other institutions.

“We build this policy under a slogan: sport is for everyone. Our talent does not have to depend solely on having to travel to San José or La Sabana to be able to develop, but to take it out from the territory as our athletes have shown us many times and that have given us so many joys in the world ”, said the leader.

Next, a summary of the works that the country’s governing body for sport will carry out in Cartago.

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