Costa Rican Tourism Institute achieves Certificate of International Tourist Sustainability

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The Global Council for Sustainable Tourism granted worldwide recognition to the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council awarded Costa Rica worldwide recognition for its permanent efforts in the development and consolidation of sustainable tourism. Accreditation is for the standard of the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

The main advantage in obtaining this award is the increased international credibility of the CST standard, which aligns with the universal criteria for sustainable management, social and economic benefits for the local community, the preservation of cultural heritage and the reduction of pollution. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) manages the GSTC Criteria, global baseline standards for sustainability in travel and tourism; and it acts as an international accreditation body for sustainable tourism certification.

Our country has been recognized globally for being a destination that bet on sustainable tourism as a differentiating and fundamental element for the positioning of the destination, evolving year after year from ecotourism, to a more comprehensive conceptualization that promotes the roots of ecological awareness in tourist companies and environmental, with tangible actions of sustainability and balance that is reflected in the communities, to generate productive chains, as well as unique and valuable experiences for tourists.

“The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is one of the most important organizations in its branch. This week we received the pleasant news that the Tourism Sustainability Certificate of the ICT granted the recognition where it is officialized that our technical tool meets the highest standards, ”explained Virgilio Espinoza, Head of the Department of Tourism Certifications and Social Responsibility of the ICT.

Espinoza expressed his satisfaction for the work done to obtain this international award that places the CST on a higher echelon. “This recognition tells the world that Costa Rica continues to strengthen with great dedication its transversal axis of sustainability that has highlighted it in the world in recent years,” he concluded.

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