Costa Rican ranchers seek genetic improvement together with INDER

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Lomas de Sierpe, in Colorado de Pococí, was the place where the highest number of attacks by felines, such as jaguars, on livestock from nearby farms was recorded 4 years ago. At that time, up to eight predation events were recorded per year, which meant the loss of up to 16 animals.

It was precisely there that began the work in Costa Rica of the Panthera Corporation, a world leader in the conservation of wild cats. Today, the attack rate reached zero and the Corporation and producers are working on initiatives to improve the herds, such as a genetic improvement project with the support of “Rural Impulse” of the Rural Development Institute (Inder).

“The Panthera Corporation was one of the 61 organizations that in 2020 received ₡ 5 million from Rural Impulse to develop innovative ideas in order to face the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This particular project allows us to understand how conservation can go hand in hand with productive activities and can complement each other, ”said Harys Regidor, Inder’s executive president during a visit to the project to see how its execution was progressing.

Daniel Corrales, biologist and representative of the Panthera Costa Rica Corporation, was the one who presented the initiative to Inder: “The cherry on the cake in this project that we developed with the Lomas del Sierpe farmers is that far from worrying about jaguar attacks, now They are looking to improve the genetic quality of their cattle with the support of the organization and for that it was essential to have the support of Inder. Today the jaguar is the engine of change, ”he said.

Of the non-reimbursable resources granted by Inder, the Corporation used two million colones to purchase specialized equipment and genetic material such as straws, “defroster” thermos and some more with nitrogen, among others. An additional three million were invested in the purchase of the so-called “dressing bulls”, which will be in charge of finishing the work, if for some reason the artificial insemination fails.

The initiative benefits five families dedicated to livestock, representing approximately 16 people.

The second organization supported in Pococí with “Rural Impulse” was Ganaderos Unidos, with its project for the purchase of eight forage ensiling machines and a batch of genetic material for artificial insemination.

The project directly benefits about 20 producers and indirectly 300 people. The organization has been in the Caribbean for more than 10 years with transfer projects to producers, giving importance to the practice of forage silage for times of food shortage and for the genetic improvement of regional herds.

In 2020, “Impulso Rural” delivered a total of ₡ 305 million to the country’s agricultural producer organizations to support economic reactivation through innovative initiatives.


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