Costa Rican National Symbols. The White Tale Deer

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Continuing with our series of entries about the national symbols of Costa Rica today’s the turn of the White tale dear. The symbol of the exuberant fauna of Costa Rica.

The scientific name of the deer is Odocoileus virginianus. And can be found in wild habitats from North America to South America. The White Tale dear was declared Costa Rica’s national animal the 2nd of May 1995. By the administration of president José Figueres Olsen. The goal was not only to have an animal that could represent the fauna and mammals of Costa Rica. But also to made it a protected species. Protecting it mainly against ilegal haunting.

The white tale dear is an hervibour that helps maitining the vegetation and serve as an important source of food for the big felines of Costa Rica such as Pumas and Jaguars.

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